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Architectural Design

Architectural Design Co.

Al Rashidoon is an Architecture & Interior Design studio trusted by clients who share our passion for excellence, & the belief that the spaces we inhabit today incubate our successes of tomorrow.We spend a majority of our lives inside built environments. The spaces we inhabit impact the quality of our lives in appreciable ways. From workspaces that inspire, to leisure hubs that rejuvenate : well-designed environments enable human interactions that create the alchemy of success. Whether you are a global behemoth or a whippy start up, we are here to get you excited about the space that you are in.

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Architectural Design

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Creative Solutions : When a client knows exactly what they want, it’s up to the interior designer to make it happen. And the answer isn’t always easy or obvious. Creative problem solving comes into play on a daily basis at Al- Rashidoon and We’ve shared a handful of memorable solutions that required innovative ideas for construction, lighting and accessories. Design Interior : Pick a room, set your budget and tell us about your Pinterest worthy dreams – whether a full overhaul, or just some ideas to pull it together. Intuitive Designs : When a user is able to understand and use a design immediately—that is, without consciously thinking about how to do it—we describe the design as “intuitive. We Al- Rashidoon got specialised in this area

  • We are here to boost your place with modern, rich, smart and healthy dose of clever carpentry and unique stylish looks for diverse needs, all under one roof.
  • We work wholeheartedly, putting mind and soul into client's every minute detail with 100% satisfaction as prime importance.
  • Our blessed creativity, fair dealing, result oriented in-the-new refurbishment at affordable price, has made us the best reliable modern decors in Dubai
  • Our Creative Team of experts are always ready to take new projects
  • Convenient and planned deliver
  • Design Team With 4 years experience in high value projects